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About Gem's Aquastars

Gemme Gem's Aquastars




✔  We are a team of Qualified Swimming Teacher/Aquatic Helpers


✔  Over 12 years experience.


✔  We offer group lessons from Swim England/STA stage 1 to 10.

✔  Parent & child/Pre School & Adult lessons throughout the __week.

✔  Friendly sessions for all abilities

✔  High ratio of teachers to children

✔  Teachers work in the water to build rapid confidence

✔  Fully insured

Gemsaquastars started in October 2016 and was a small team of just 2 people and 2 and half hours pool time. Over the years we have grown into a larger swim school with more staff, pools and classes. We wanted to be able to offer parents the right environment that made their child want to come and learn to swim. We aim to create a family friendly atmosphere, with structure to the lessons and still learning through fun and enjoyment.

Gems Aquastars starfish

Our teacher work in the water for all our classes up to Improvers levels. With this approach the children feel secure and safe and are learning much quicker. Our teacher to child ratio is high to enable this support. In all of our pools you are able to watch your child swim either poolside or from the changing room door. We believe that the parents should be able to see what they are learning during their lessons and also have access to our teachers if necessary. 

The swim school offers the chance to be apart of the team from the age of 13. This is the STA Aquatic Helper Certificate, which is a great way to introduce them to the world of teaching ready for when they turn 16 and can complete the STA Award in Teaching or Swim England Level 1. With the Aquatic Helper the member of staff is mentored by a senior member of the teaching team and taught how to control and deliver parts of the lesson under the other teacher's direction. Most of our current teaching team have come through this pathway and are fabulous teachers in their own right. This is an amazing life skill that is transferable to other jobs and helps enable confidence.

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